Specialist in Integrated Business Development

Stegmann Management Consulting has many years of experience within R&D, Engineering and Operations on both strategic and operational level and offers clients ways to maximize the return on their investments in development and maintenance of products, technologies and competencies.

Business development is about creation of more value from an understanding of your customers needs and wants translated into a strategy for development of products and services, technologies and competencies ultimately leading to an executable road map including a launch plan for new offerings.

The right customer oriented organisation and processes are key to effectively bring new products and services to market. And even more fundamental are behaviour and personnal skills of people.

Therefore, developing the business involves not only setting the targets but just as importantly, development of processes, organisation and people.


The House of Business is our working model. Foundation and structure of the house are critical to success. Integrated Business Development to us means to vertically integrate to make sure people, processes and organisation are developed to support the business targets.




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People and team Development

Developing people and teams is key to effectiveness in any organisation. Personal and team effectiveness comes from self awareness and strengthening of communication. Insights Discovery is a proven tool developed for improving effectiveness of individuals and teams, project managers, managers and sales people. Stegmann Management Consulting is an associated partner to Insights.